Baleroc Decimated!

Having tried him a little the previous week and concentrated on Alysrazor this week, we were surprised and pleased to get him so fast without much time left on the night!

Lord Rhyolith....uh.....Incinerated?

Yeah, this one took us a little more work, tweaking our tactics over several nights. Eventually we decided to stop sucking and just killed him.

Bethtilac Webbed!

The fire spider followed fairly quickly after Shannox, despite us failing pretty heavily at some of the mechanics of the fight.

Shannox Hunted!

First night in, Shannox fell pretty easily.

Heroic Halfus Slain!

Eventually went back to BoT after focussing our attentions on BWD, killed Halfus heroic without too much fuss.

Heroic Atramedes Down!

Atramedes heroic followed the night after Magmaw, making a good period of progress for us.

Heroic Magmaw Down!

These updates have been a bit lazy, but early June saw us make soem good progress, beginning with the death of the giant fire worm.

Maloriak Heroic Down!

Killed off Maloriak Heroic having laid the groundwork in the previous week. Picked up our first piece of heroic level tier gear!

Next on the radar is Atramedes, Magmaw or Halfus.

Chimaeron Heroic Defeated!

Killed him off tonight after two nights of solid wiping, mainly figuring out the cooldowns and how to handle the hits during fued.

Not an up to date kill photo, we didn't really think about that!

Nefarian Down!

Some really intensive effort prior to the patch meant we were pretty close even before the slight nerf to incoming damage in phase 2, but that little bit extra just pushed us over the edge.

Time to start pushing those heroics!